McCloud Builders is a full service general contractor, located in the Washington, D.C. area, with years of experience in all aspects of commercial and residential construction.  From the initial stages of a project through the final completion, McCloud Builders will manage your project by providing cutting edge construction services using the most advanced technology in the industry. We understand what it means to control the construction process and meet our commitments. We are true builders that treat every project as if it were our own.


McCloud Builders provides some of the most in depth and comprehensive pre-construction services in the industry. We believe the initial stages of a project are of the utmost importance to the ultimate success of the project. Managing a projects’ costs, scheduling, quality and safety successfully are all a product of the decisions made early on in the process.

Our experience is extremely valuable in the beginning stages of a project when reviewing project documents, participating in feasibility studies, quantifying budget information, developing preliminary schedules, reviewing alternate design solutions, analyzing life cycle costs, coordinating commissioning requirements, offering input on sustainability ideas, providing cash flow projections, developing value engineering ideas, early procurement and permitting.


When a project requires construction input during the design phase, McCloud Builders is there with current market information including budgeting, scheduling, early procurement and constructability input. Our ability to understand the needs of the client and design team during the design phases is what separates us from the crowd. We are able work with the design team and client to avoid project redesigns, budget overruns and scheduling delays.


Our long standing relationships with many design consultants, along with our understanding of the overall development and construction process allows McCloud Builders to provide Design Build Services to our clients. McCloud Builders’ understanding of the various markets, the multiple design disciplines and contracting requirements can make design build a beneficial solution for our clients.


McCloud Builders can be engaged on a project in a traditional construction management role. Our understanding of the development and construction processes makes us well suited for the construction management role. Since we always manage our projects with our client’s prospective and best interest in mind it is an easy transition for us to assume the role of construction manager on a project.