Project Details

Location: Frederick, Maryland
Contract Value:$2.5 Million
Size:11,000 Square Feet
Year Completed:2006


McKesson BioServices operates the repository to provide secure storage for biological materials used in medical research. The storage environments include room temperature wax media, a walk in refrigerator at +4C, 2-story walk-in freezers at -20C, over 300 industrial freezers at -80C, and thirty-four (34) liquid Nitrogen vessels at -160C.  A small office area in the front of the space is provided for administrative and meeting functions.  The design/build project required new gas and electric services, improved security, life safety, and utility back up due to the scientific significance of the items being stored.  The variety of storage environments and the heat rejection from the large number of freezers created unusual mechanical requirements.  Twelve new roof top units were installed to provide ventilation.  Special duct configurations were designed to keep cold air flowing over the freezers, thereby dispersing heat from the condensers and minimizing heat loss to the space, while maintaining a comfortable working temperature for the staff.  A new four thousand ampere electrical service was brought into the space.  Two 250 kW diesel generators were relocated from another facility and two new natural gas fired 250 kW generators were installed to provide one hundred percent back-up for a all lighting, power and HVAC circuits.  Termination boxes were installed on the building exterior with manual transfer switches to allow the connection of portable generators in case of failure of any of the main units.

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